About Graydan

To support our clients growth by providing high quality products, affordable prices
and technologically advanced solutions

To create a powerful technological base that will handle emerging challenges
in the ICT industry
Graydan Enterprises was registered in the year 2013.
Its main objective being to enhance effectiveness of ICT resources for your business
growth by taking up world’s leading ICT products and develop strategic relationships
with clients

Quality – what we do, we do to perfection
Honesty -we do what we say we can do
Integrity: We comply with all laws and company policies.
Accountability: Focus on being the best we can be and taking individual responsibility
for decisions we make to get results for our clients
Teamwork: -everything we do is based on skills, integrity and commitment of our team
Innovation: We challenge ourselves to develop new and improved ideas for all that we do.

We encourage, expect and value creativity, openness to change and
fresh approaches.